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This page was last updated: February 21, 2007
Kathmandu - Capital of Nepal
This schematic map of the country of Nepal gives some additional information on the country of Nepal. Main roads and routes along mountain valleys into the cities, villages and main towns of Nepal are indicated.As is crealy visible there is only one main route from Nepal to the North and beyond to Tibet (Autonomous Region of China).
Clearly marked in the North-East, on the border of China's Tibet are Mount Everest highest mountain peak in the world and Mount KangChengJunga (KanChangJunga) third highest peak i/t world. The great himalyan mountain range, whuch includes both, stretches along the northern length of Nepal. Inside Nepal lies the Annapurna Mountain Range. Along the southern border one descends from considerable height onto the Indo-Gangetic Plain, still quite a rough journey. Other geographical features of mountain ranges can not be distinguished on this map.
Find the Capital of Nepal at Khatmandu, in the central East of the Country. BharatPur is also marked as an important crossroads city on mountain routes as well as the two rivers Kali and Trisuli, that join at Bharatpur and continue southward named the Naranyani inside Nepal, and Gandak in North-India.

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Mt. Everest (8848 Meters)
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