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This page was last updated: February 21, 2007
Kathmandu - Capital of Nepal
This schematic map of the country of Nepal gives a first general overview and idea of the cities, villages and main towns of Nepal and distances within the country.
Most cities and towns are located along mountain-passes and valleys giving acces to the North into Nepal and beyond to Tibet (Autonomous Region of China).
Clearly marked in the North-East, on the border of China's Tibet is the Mount Everest, highest mountain top in the world. The great himalyan mountain range (Kumbhu Himal) stretches along the northern length of Nepal. Along the southern border one descends from considerable height onto the Indo-Gangetic Plain, still quite a rough journey. Other geographical features of mountain ranges can not be distinguished on this map.

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Mt. Everest (8848 Meters)
Mt. KangchengJunga (8586 Meters)
A 2nd Schematic Map of Nepal